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dear raymi

remember when I said I was gonna buy a shirt?

Well I was only pretend gonna buy a shirt.


But then I changed my mind and bought one anyway.

Even though I already have one that I made myself. Not the one I gave

away, but another one just like it. I wonder where that other one is.

Hmm…maybe in an exotic european hamper somewhere next to fancy dirty

foreign underwears.

I can’t wait to get it.

You are the best artist.

this blogger girl has a post about meeting douglas coupland, which

means that you’ll probably hate her, but i thought you might want to

see it anyway:

I’m trying to decide what clothes to wear today. In winter you can go

for weeks without doing laundry because you hardly sweat at all and it

seems like everything is always as fresh as the day you washed it. But

then one morning you wake up and realize that everything you own smells

like ass. That day, is today.

My web site has disappeared.


It’s gone.

Where is it??


all my clothes smell gross

i dont even want to clean them

i have not washed my hair in 4 days

so today i have to do that


that coupland reading version was well written enough

i would have had a better conversation with him though

and i would have written it up in my blog like:

went to the coupland reading today. he read his book. there was a baby

crying and i wanted to scream in its face. i was too hyper to wait to

get my book signed so i left.

clenching ass cheeks due to 1.coldness 2. fear of ass-rape

My version would’ve gone like this:

Douglas Coupland spoke at the Barnes and Noble two blocks away from

where I work, two days ago. I didn’t know about it until today.

I’m sad and angry and frustrated that my web site disappeared.

I wonder if it’ll ever come back.

My hits! My hits! My poor, poor, precious, beautiful hits…gone. All

gone. Whaaa waaa waaaa….*sniff* *sniff*

what the fuck happened to it do you know?

cant u call the internet authorities? hang on i think i have bill

gates’ extenstion laying around here someplace or other.

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