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i am not allowed to listen to the yeah yeah yeahs anymore

or modest mouse

or muse

because they are all on my laptop kuz fil got a hipster ipod and so he put itunes on it and so i go thru the shit and listen to the same 4 songs over and over although there’s a bunch of other interesting stuff to be listening to i just ignore it and listen to crap i already know because i am set in my ways and all other music i think sounds like it is from an elevator even though it really doesn’t i just like to think that it is

i wouldn’t even know anything about muse or feist or whatever if it wasn’t for people like fil who are passionate about music

the only thing i am truely passionate about is writing and looking down at the sidewalk when i am walking by myself because sometimes i am painfully shy it’s weird and i get nervous that someone might actually make eye contact with me and then i’ll have to smile at them when i am not prepared to

ok enough emo

it s very windy out today/tonite

i almost blew right over

and then the whole time walking to the bank then back to the variety store i was worried about that happening so i walked extra carefully all hyper-aware of my walking and feeling guilty for throwing my cigarette butt in the gutter instead of butting it out on the sidewalk and depositing it in the trash like i normally do and i felt like formally apologizing to the town or maybe calling up the mayor and explaining that i only did it because of the wind and then justifying it by saying that it was gonna be washed away into the sewer anyhow and then it wouldn’t be there eventually therefore no one would have to look at it

but then i remembered that the sewer water ends up in the lake eventually and i felt even worse but by then i was at the variety store and i hadn’t been blown over by the wind afterall

so that was good at least

but the new thing to be worrying over is the 12 feet of gutter that is hanging in the alley off the building of fil’s apt. ‘cos of the snow and ice that was all heavy innit and there are nails and shit stuck in it so i envision myself later tonite/morning being hit in the face by it

from the wind

what do you guys worry about?

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