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Hello fellow person in blog naked


Just thought I would write my first fan blog letter to you. I chose to write to you today because today (Dec 29,2004) you had the line “lets drink to the military” on your title, which is a line from one of my favorite bands Metric. Of course you would know that (expect for the fact that you would like it, that would be freaky). Anyways the nakedness brought me into your blog, I stayed for the writing. You and Bill Simmons (from ESPN) are my web internet writing inspirations. Since Bill Simmons doesn’t write me back I thought I would write you because you might write me back. I’m from Edmonton, I have a blog too and I hope you visit. And I hope you like it. If I had my digital camera with me, I would take more naked pictures like you. But I don’t know if people would like that.


“This radio station is named Kowalski. In honor of the last American hero, to whom speed meant freedom of the soul. The question was not when he was gonna stop, but who was going to stop him” —Primal Scream

hi german

i went to leave a comment on yer blog then a million pop ups came at

me so wtf is that all about? anyhow, i like that your name is german

and that other person’s name is herman. herman and german. fucking

clever. so how old are u what do u do in edmonton do u have a job do

u go to school is it boring there do u have a drinking problem?

Ok I dunno about the pop ups, that’s fucked. It doesn’t happen to me. If you want to leave a comment you can also leave it in the chatty thingy on the left hand side. Yep Edmonton is terribly boring. Terribly. Like one day I want to start lightining tires on fire in front of the legislature so it can bring some excitement to this drab city. Even our protests are boring.

Yeah me and Hernan used to work together and we always get each other’s phone calls. Even our girlfriends mix us up even though we are totally completely different. The guy loves Oasis. That’s fucking bullshit.

I’m 24 and I work in Best Buy and yep I hate it there. I work in the Customer Service part of it where we get all the complaints. But the upside is that I get to yell at people and tell them how stupid they are and it’s the only department where 70% of the staff are girls. The rest of the store is like a rampart sausage party. Quick aside, what do u think the female equivalent of the sausage party would be called? Anyways, It’s only a part time job because I’m in the University and I have one more semester left till I get my degree in Education. My major is in Math and minor in Social Studies, so I know a lot about Euclidian Geometry and William Lyon Mackenzie King. Speaking of Social, loved how you put the Waldo pictures after you talked about Veterans Day, it seemed liked the Waldos were the vets. Imagine if there was an army full of Where’s Waldos. That would scare the living shit out of the Nazis.

Drinking problem? The only drinking problem I have is that I don’t drink enough. I’m always stuck being the DD. But it’s cool too because I can get all the cool pictures of them flipping off people in Whyte Ave.

So what do you do? You talk a lot about yourself on your site but never say what you do really, expect for write cool blog entries. Anyways thanks for writing me back I totally appreciate it.


well i was doing some web consulting since august, kind of apprenticing and learning how to build websites but there was some drama involved so i decided to stop so i may pick it up again who knows. i do some admin. assisting for my brother who is now running this company as the main fire safety technician. this means i chainsmoke and delete crap off the computer and send an email here and there and look like a genius and tidy the place up and tell fart jokes to my brother. the other guy was a fucking louse of a drunk and the family was like fuck you go to detox so he did then he escaped and went to buttfuck ontario for awhile and started drinking again and calls my brother’s work like he thinks he still works there and he sasses me on the fone meanwhile i am deleting all his stupid video games off the harddrive going hahahahahahaha in my head. truth be told i am delaying finding real work ’til i move to toronto come february/marchish because i am lazy and scared of the real world and so i blog and write and have delusions of grandeur and drink all the time and people seem to like it so maybe one day i’ll be an actress and act like my snotty self in a movie if i am lucky. oh and i read that guy’s name wrong. it’s hernan. that’s a pretentious name. i like it. equivalent to female sausage party would be something like “the gash station”? that’s pretty clever. i just made it up.

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