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those are cadets i think on rememberance day. america calls it something else day because they think they single-handedly won the war. oh right. veteran’s day.

in grade three me and mark would be all sneaky reading where’s waldo books and these other copy-cat look for shit books during the teacher’s lesson and we got away with it. snap! after you find waldo you are suppose to find all this other stuff but instead you go ok look for a guy with one leg and his head is on fire and then mark looks for it and you are like haha i made that one up.

that’s sophie. remember i told you about her before. she’s the one who makes you throw her a tennis ball a hundred times. she’s mad at us because we are leaving the house so that is her trying to be menacing towards you and you are like pfffffft sophie you are so cute.

that’s some cute thing on television. if you turn the volume down and play other music those cute things dance to whatever song you are playing and it’s like the cute things are groupies to the music that you love and then you get bored of it after a couple minutes and you go microwave some popcorn.

that’s couch city. well, one neighborhood of it anyway.

i was gonna stick one of these on every christmas card envelope this year but then i went oh ya, these are worth something and they’re not very festive. or nice. and that whole holocaust thing wasn’t either.

fil traded in his triumph for that. remember that one time in charlie and the chocolate factory…..?

these are the mitts that i thought i left in a liquor store in parkdale but i didn’t i left them somewhere at noel’s and he and jim take turns wearing them but it’s ok because i have two other pairs of immature mittens to tide me over ’til i get those cat puppet ones back. i bet jim and noel are getting blowjobs all over toronto because of those mittens. sluts.

see tony, this is what snow looks like and ice and boats and canada.

those are upside-down wine glasses that alex has in this fancy wine cabinet hutch thing. standing near it makes me nervous sometimes because i do not trust myself near glass and i try to avoid stores with a bunch of fancy crap crammed into it that is all breakable and pretty looking and expensive because i have bad nerves and i think worrying about smashing something is up there with worrying about dropping a baby on its head when someone thrusts their newborn at you and you are like no way jose, not until that thing can walk.

i miss that fucking hair. everytime i look at these pictures i look at fil and shoot him a dirty look. @%@$@#$%@%#**&@^#*$&^$!!!!!!!!

sometimes cid looks really fat. that was one of those times.

my aunt drew that. her show was at the steamwhistle brewery and the theme was trains. doi. i kinda draw like her except she actually makes an effort and does it all slow and steady and like, makes an effort like how i said before while i am like yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn drawing is boring i have to be done quick because yaaaaaaaaaaaawn i have things to talk about and animals to be pissing off!

that was at the science centre. something about a bridge and origami and scientific stuff i don’t remember i was hung over and my hair was all messed up and kids were everywhere and i was sweating.

that is a shower curtain, the top of it and fancy silver shower curtain rings and the wall is dark blue and everytime you use the lavatory you get to look at them and after awhile you are like, that looks pretty so you take a picture of it.

everytime i go home and see rocky i think about stuffing him in my jacket and bringing him to meet cid but cid would destroy rocky and then i would get extremely mad and my dad would too so i think one day we will bring cid to go visit rocky and be in rocky’s domain and rocky will be like, hello friend, i love you let’s be friends and cid will be all, fuck you and piss on the floor and rocky won’t understand because he is a simpleton and i will cry for rocky because i am a headcase.

i invented fun.

that younger blogger tony pierce groupie took this picture when i let him hang out with me and buy me drinks. he’s cute. he even brought me chocolates. fil was like wtf. and i got mad because everyone was snobby to him and the young guy was just happy to be alive and stuff. he talks to me on msn from time to time and he is always positive and i am like wow, some hot girl is going to scoop you up one day and step all over you and then you won’t be so positive anymore but then i think maybe some rich hot cougar will come along and do the same but keep him forever and be all nice because her ex-husband was a toolbag and they will write each other poetry in france and wear matching sweaters. that would be nice.

when i run out of stuff to talk about and people are tired of my one-liners i like to stick out my tongue and take a wacky photograph and then i look at it afterward and i am all ya that is totally going on my blog and everyone else is like, when are you going home? never?

boz rules

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