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stolenswan interviewed me.

today i fucked up my hair and tomorrow it will be rectified “professionally” because i am a stupid moron and the chicks at the pharmacy were like duh durr duh go for it.

and yes i was going for platinum.

so right now i am sitting with this hat on my head and my dad is trying to figure out the vcr and he doesn’t know that i have a skunky orange blond fat-ass stripe right in the centre-top of my head.

aimee called me back after i called her to tell her about the accident and she tells me a blond joke about what they say after giving a blow job and apparently they say “are you on the same team?”

and thom and mark were like what does that mean and i said well i think it means she is giving a blow job to a football player?

then we went back to playing the i am thinking of a < insert something like "fruit" or "fast food restaurant" or "letter of the alphabet" > and you have ten guesses to guess exactly what it is game.

and now i am learning about marketing and thinking about my crappy hair and the way i was treated today when i was trying to purchase a watch at a department store and how angry i was that i had to wait because i am a “youth” and so i walked over to the ole saleslady and said i know exactly what i want can you just go over to the showcase and open it so i can pay for it and she was like i am sorry ma’am but i cannot i have to wait on this lady here and you are obviously poor is what i thought so you can wait for a trillion years i don’t give a shit.

ok, she didn’t say that exactly but she did call me ma’am which both flattered and infuriated me so much so, that i had to go and buy two cds for myself after i paying for that watch and then, instead of a shirt for my identity-crisis i bought bleach and dye and COMPLETELY DESTROYED MY FUCKIN HAIR RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

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