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ok i almost killed mark because he is such a shit disturber and was all LETS LISTEN TO THE BEACH BOYS and i am like no fucking way and started screaming and then my dad walks in the room to tell me to shut up and mark on purpose goes HEY MAN DO YOU WANNA LISTEN TO THE BEACH BOYS and my dad is all YOU LIKE THE BEACH BOYS yeh put it on it’s my birthday right after he is saying to me “if you are not gonna calm down i want you to leave now but yer friends can stay” though he didn’t actually say the they could stay part but it was implied, you know and so i just sat thru 5 beach boys songs and finally snapped and turned the shit off and i was like don’t you understand i grew up on this shit and my dad plays it all the time in the car and nothing else so the beach boys’ novelty has totally worn off and then i told mark that i had never before killed anyone in my life but if he ever pulled that shit again i may do just that and gladly suffer the consequences.

sent from ian in the uk and he said that over there they switch the names around for some clever reason that i do not understand because i have less culture in me than that of a pitchfork at your uncle’s farm

and ps today i am a big jumbly mess of hang over city with a sprinkle of zero tolerance/that-time-of-the-monthness and a half pint of manic depression.


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