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no one really says cool anymore. i remember when it was all about that word, even your gramma was saying it and when she would you’d be like “NICE ONE GRAMMA!” and she’d blush because she was planning on saying it all day long and finally found her window of opportunity to throw it in there but then your dad rolls his eyes and is like “oh brother, talk to the hand.”

but now, grammas are like huge rap stars and talk all street with their yo homies crap and you are thinking oh my, i hope she doesn’t have brass knux stashed in with the yarn in that knitting carrier.

i don’t know how to react when i see oldies acting like l’il bow wow.

i don’t even know how to react when i see l’il bow wow acting like l’il bow wow.

i am basically like, wow and he is SO cool and all grown up and he is sitting in a fancy car and all these hot babes are slamming their asses into other hot babes’ asses around him and i am thinking hey isn’t this kid 14 years old? what the fuck was i doing when i was 14 why in the hell didn’t i get a record deal like i was suppose to when kris kros came out, I HATE MY LIIIIIIIIIFE AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

and so on.

i never thought i would be one of those people who are all nostalgic for their childhood/time, when the world made sense and all you ever did was eat cotton candy and burn stuff with your magnifying glass and the sun. GO SUN!

but i am one of those people and i am ok with it because i have learned how to still sort of be cool or fake like i know what is going on really well.

hanging out with people in-the-know or who are in “the scene” helps too because they do all the work and then they always want someone to go party with them and you are like, always available for that so you put on your party pants and tag along.

and when i get “trapped” talking to someone who is in on “the scene” and they are like do you know this band do you know that band have you heard of < insert weird foreign hotgirl name > and i am like no i have not to all of these questions, after awhile you get a reputation that just baffles people like oh there goes the doesn’t know anything about anything girl, how strange, i really want her to listen to this band because they are SO hot right now and then i am like dude if you really want me to listen to that stuff, get me a cd or email me a website url or get me a ticket to their concert otherwise stop throwing out names of stuff like i am going to remember what you are talking about in three seconds anyway i am trying to dance on a chair, HELLO!

so yeh.

last nite i demanded to sing a beatles song with the band and so i sang i saw her standing there but the mic volume was crap and when i was done fil asked how it felt and i said it felt like i was standing in a horny moshpit and the singer of the band kept drinking my beer but it was great having people smile at you and scream along but it’s ok about the singerdude ‘cos aimee and i made him fall off his chair when we were dancing and he was singing a song and kane was like you morons and i said but it was funny at least, right?

and he said that it was.

i talked to two ladies in the bathroom who were like THIS BAND ROCKSSSSSSSSS and they were wearing fucking awesome sweaters that looked like they came from the circus ‘cos they were purple with gold sparkly crap weaved into them and all this color and i said hey i think i need to put my sunglasses on to talk to you and they got all giggly then started touching at my sweater because there is a plaid scottie dog on it and i am like ok that’s enough of THAT.

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