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i find that when i am walking down the street and i have run out of things to think about this is when i watch how other people are walking and i copy them and time my steps to be in sync with their steps until i think of something to think about.

oh and i lost my mittens yesterday.

i think i left them at the liquor store in parkdale.

fil and i hung with parkdalemassive today and we showed up in kensington just as his boss was screaming at some lacky that tapes up boxes so we scooped up parkdalemassive and went to his pad and played burnout three for a bit then went to cadillac lounge and i regaled them with stories of how i got caught stealing a lipstick from a supermarket and some lady had the same cat hat as me ‘cept hers was grey and i didn’t make a big deal over it and confront her, though i should have.


oh and yesterday i hung with parkdalemiddleton and we drew pictures and talked about how one day noel will finally get laid off and then jim showed up and told me about his music touring because he is in this fancy popular band or something and they toured with tea party and he said the guy who thinks he is jim morrison is all fat and wanted t-shirts sized medium.

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