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ok so most of the laundry was completed yesterday and nextly i have to clear away all my little knick-knacks and paperclips and put them someplace and not forget where that someplace is.

i just went to get coffees, like a couple hours ago and me and natalie were discussing our periods and how we are screaming at people and then she turns to this lady and says poor lenny kravitz, what with the SUCKING and all and i was shocked into silence because at the time it was the funniest thing i had ever heard and the fact that she is telling it to some random ole lady who prolly has no idea who that lenny kravitz is and then natalie goes on about how his hair makes him look like an old lady and i was like are these coffees on the house and she is like yes and i said well let me buy something so i bought two packets of cider and i said something like if you are going to get mad at people just scream at them don’t throw hot coffee in their faces please although that would be funny but i think you would um, go to jail?

last nite was fun.

we went to al/sher/kane’s place and got shitty and smashed the drums and played with all the instruments at the same time and didn’t really try to sound like a band at all and sher and i were going thru her photo album of how she use to be all fat and so we talked about how we think we are fat for a whole hour and kane was in the background doing invoices or something and every other word coming out of my mouth is heffer and he is rolling his eyes ‘cos sher has made him look at this album before.

ok i smell i have to go shower.

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