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i hate it when people freak out about cleaning and they are like excuse me buster i asked you to pick that up, pick it up.

and you are all yeh i will, relax.

and they are like pick it up now.

and then you say it will be picked up in a little while, what does it matter if it just chills there for a bit?

and then they say because i said pick it up now.

and you are all busy putting red crayon on your gi joe figures [for blood] and then you sigh, roll your eyes and say, in a really annoyed tone of voice, look man, can’t you see i am very busy right now? while you are pointing at the gi joes.

then you wait for the person’s hair to set on fire and they go completely apeshit and take the thing that they wanted you to pick up and they either:

a. throw it in the garbage

b. hide it someplace where you will never think to look and that they forget immediately where they put it

c. passionately destroy it in front of you

and then you casually mention that the thing does not even belong to you and you convince person that it is theirs and then you also tack on, “friggin’ idiot” at the end and then person has another freak-out and then you thank them for being the inspiration for your dis-membered gi joe diorama and you show it to them and you give ‘em the wink’n’gun and proclaim you will be eating eggo waffles because now you are all stressed out over the cleaning frenzy.

and as you are walking away you turn around and mouth “cleaning frenzy” silently at person and make the quotations action with your fingers.

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