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Here is a good story of me drunk last night when I realized that I don’t get along with people that don’t drink.

My friend was in town and was going to crash

on my couch. I was also buying a computer from him. So I pick him up

and get the computer and then he says he is hungry. I am like ok lets

go grab a bite to eat. We go to the (very nice) _wine_ bar in my

neighborhood so I can get a drink, plus I know my girl is going to be

there. So we are all hanging out and I buy him a glass of wine

because I know he is poor even though he wont admit it. He looks at

me like what are you doing. I said just drink this damn. So it took

him all night to drink this one glass of wine and for some reason it

turned his lips and his teeth black. Meanwhile my girl and I are

getting pretty drunk off wine and I order a big ass platter of meat

and bread and cheese because I know he is hungry. But then this

jackass refuses to touch any of it and says he is going to get

something to eat later. I couldnt believe it because i ordered a shit

load of food since he was whining about being hungry earlier. So I

scarf down the whole platter pretty much all by myself, with a little

help from my girl. then I get even drunker and he is swishing the

little amount of wine around in the bottom of his glass. I start to

dance with my girl and then the place is closing and he is on his cell

phone having an important convo with who knows who. Probably himself.

I go to leave and he is like “oh man what the fuck you cant drive”.

That made me pretty pissed but I thought, oh well I cant really argue

with him about this I will just let him drive. As soon as we get in

the car he is bitching again about how hungry he is!! WHAT? I couldnt

believe my ears. I said fine there is a mcdonalds on the corner the

drive thru is open lets go. I dont eat fast food, he says. I dont

care if you eat it or not, i say. If you arent going to eat it then

drive to my house. Its 12 oclock and I have to work. something that

he is not familiar with because he sits in a hole by himself all day

making dance records that nobody will ever hear. So now he wants to

drive around brooklyn looking for a place to get a hero at 12 oclock

on sunday. At this point I have had enough of his bitch ass and I

tell him to get moving towards my apt and I dont care how f’ing hungry

he is, and so on…. the little bitch tries to yell at me saying I

shouldnt drink and that I am an angry drunk. I only got angry after

he acted like a complete jackass the whole night. I am still pissed

off about this today. He better be out of my apt by the time I get


What do you think about that story?


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