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Dear nick,

i am a friend of raymi’s, and she asked me to give you some help.

Since you have been with your GF for 3 years, she might be explorering

different options. The human mind is wired to cheat, we are ment to

spread our seed and to procreate. You should confront her on this,

just ask her. Dont be accusing, but most of the time a man gut

instinct is ussually right, and of course if you should have the same

rights as her. You deserve to know the truth, and deserve to be

sleeping around if she is too. I am sorry that a 3 year relationship

has turned to this, honesty is the key to every relationship. Sit her

down and talk to her about this immediatly, cause is she is sleeping

around, she could be spreading diseases to you also.

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