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here’s the thing about gmail and why it’s kinda gay

blogger and google teamed up

and theyre like hey everyone get gmail kuz u get a gig of space and DONT DELETE ANYTHING why would u want to because u have ALL THIS SPACE?

gmail, why are you asking me a question?

you are an email account, you do not have artificial intelligence, no machine can have intelligence of its own, other than the intelligence that humans give to it so basically we are making these things that one day, yes, will turn on us and stuff but whatever, we won’t be alive then anyway, unless science hurries the fuck up and cures everything now, period.

the point is, eventually gmail will cost money. and right now us blogger idjits have crazy invites to pass out, fuck that, i am keeping mine and inviting my cat or inviting gmail to start it’s own gmail account.

yah hello, not yet version 1.0

i’m onto you.

yes i would like to delete everything forever because i don’t want ten trillion emails that you have decided so nicely to organize for me because you think i am an idiot and cannot do it myself, moreover, your hacker little hiries going thru my shit, no thank you.

fuck you, robot, even tho i love you.

and in summation, bill gates, when can i have a job?

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