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i think my life would be 100 trillion times easier, on me and everyone else, if i was born, a fuckin’ man. a tall, white man, who looks like me and acts like me and talks like me.

boy, gee, i would have too much pussy and then i’d have the world knocked-up and then i’d be prime minister, yet, i still, could be, ‘cos some hussy was prime munster for awhile but then she was like, eat it fellas.

anyway, don’t worry canada, i will not be your prime munster.

i’d rather be lucy liu in kill bill, head of your silly little crazy 88’s and wear socks with sandals and if someone mouths off and questions why i am the boss, i chop off yer fucking head.

yet, i would rather act and be pretend, not real life sword whipper-snapper, well, i still wanna learn but i wouldn’t be no fairy-cat and do it on tel aviv and go please pretty please get out of my country so i can blow it up, and do it to some innocent, wtf!?

i’m really starting to admire the vigilante-mentality.

i remember this one story about some kid who raped a little girl, so they tied him naked to a pole and all these girls took turns whipping him with belts and twigs and they were screaming like animals it was quite, horrific, to see how crazy people can get when they are allowed to do something like this. revenge is a scarey thing.

that kid shoulda been taught not to think with his pecker and be a horny horndog and the girl, well, she didn’t deserve it, and fuck you to everyone who goes what about the boy’s side? FUCK YOU. the end.

ps duder in this town who is too afraid to look me in the eye, grantedly so, yes, we are still angry at you, and, yes, go and apologise, not to me, to her, and, you know EXACTLY, who i am talking about.

i don’t care about who you know and what you may think your case is, plus, she may have been wasted, and/or on drugs (that were forced on her in her i-really-shouldn’t-be-here-right-now-but-lauren-is-a-loser-idiot-and-suggested-we-go state, the fact is, she CANNOT remember a lot of what went on and i wasn’t around for you to jam her and yeh i was drinking and yeh i did blow, so what, you guys did your fratboy bullshit to get me out of there so you could diddle and then i come back conveniently as she is on the front steps screaming and you paint this picture like it is her fault, all of you did, all of you.

i don’t care if you have all the lawyers in town, and ps you don’t even reside in the “affluent” part of it anyway, as was previously saidified.

the only thing this girl’s sayin’ (me) is, call me and apologise for what happened, don’t admit, don’t say spit, just say i’m a fucking loser minor idiot who took advantage of an older woman, and then, when you are less of a pussy, call her, and beg for forgiveness. capice?


preventing crimes is most important, not putting up shitty little 1 800 222 tips stickers on payphones, like hello, we’s wouldn’t have to witness a crime in the first place and, tip it, if you knew how to effectively instill in the youth AND the adults, how to NOT commit crimes.

this is called, CRIME PREVENTION.

if you weren’t retarded and taught us properly when you came to our schools with all of your drug paraphanelia and dressed like a cop that we want to sex and totally glorify it for these kiddies, jeez, maybe, this would’nae be happening.

don’t tell us about the y.o. act (canada, google it) ‘coz then people are like AWESOME i can do anything ’til this age bla bla.

therefore, michael moore’s bowling for columbine, the gun shit, like, sorry dude, yer a little bit wrong in yer conclusion, because…

tons of people in canadur have guns, they’re just, illegally owned.


because, when you do not have the right to bear arms, people have to find other methods of getting the pa-pow, pa-pow, (that’s what a gun sounds like) which, has to be smuggling or something.

i don’t even know how and/or what is done to get ‘em and i do not ever want to know, but i can assume it involves paying off poor people with families to support and then these people go down in the bigger scheme of things so the hierarchy can go on and prosper, whatever. there is such a thing as too much information, right?

tho, when i talk about farting and my menses, that is the information you should always be intereted in knowing about, not like, the bad guy information, that everyone knows about anyway, i’m just a walking-idiot textbook from grade five, so don’t even listen to me, heh.

we already have war going on here. race wars. rape wars. sex wars. drug wars. FUCK!

because we are the nice guy and do not discriminate we let the world in because we love the world and want to be the world but the world obviously does not want the same.

one love.

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