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ah heart burn. i am much liking the saturday nite live oldies bein’ played and stuffs, v. funny.

and conan, heh, i wrote conana.

so i had an ecg, like demanded one, funny, don’t have results for it yet, feh, but they gave the results for le aids/hiv test and brother, it be negatory, so, this means, woot!

but i have high potassium.

hello banana.

next all’s i gotta do is get papped to the smear and find out what’s goin’ on ‘cos i was menstruation city during the psyical so no pap, no smear, dooooh.

yeh whatever too much info stevie, whatever.

yesterday the sunshine boy in the toronto sun was bleeding jesus on the cross, um hello, not funny.

first of all, gross, as in, wasn’t expecting that, second of all, jesus, sexy guy, third of all, scare the fucking people more, like, what does this mean what does that mean??? the only coming of christ g’wanna happen is by some focker who thinks he’s christ and does something stupid about it will cells bells and shmells and then god comes in and stops him and goes YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is enough? pfft.

toronto sun, go light some sacraligious candles, you retarded tabloid posing as a nuspapier.

anyway, i have to go bump into a tampon.

-victim of the farts, guilty of being innocent.

pics in this post taken by, that guy who you think took them, or something

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