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sour grapes written by mumraymi.

his favourite pasttime was tormenting me about other young girls

really into wild on

and ed the sock (which shows how juvenile he is)


pointing out other womens body parts

internet pornography

telling me he wanted to get a pool so his daughter would bring all her friends over and taking her to wonderland to get her to point out the biggest asses

checking out my friends younger daughters

in nyc telling me he was in the best bowling league because he had the young ladies on his team

telling me he was sitting beside a beautiful woman on the plane

undressing other women with his eyes while we were out

looking at a photo at his friends before we went to the comedy club and asked if she was single

told the ladies he was single at the new years party we went to

finally I just stopped going out anywhere with him

And with all that i just glanced at a guy on rollerblades once because i am not like him and he never let me forget it

how’s that for a wonderful boyfriend

and here’s the clincher

he jumped on top of raymi on the couch on christmas eve because he is socially awkward and thinks innuendos are what raymi is about only

he said finally we are alone and dove on her she told me she was numb with depression at the time and very uncomfortable by him doing this so she pity chuckled and left the room

did you have a nice walk back to your car

ps what the fuck is wrong with blogger or is it my laptop? someone gave it aids. i am never cut and pasting from haloscan again – raymi.

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