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im sorry ive been so mean

and moody

and peevish

and grumpy

and bitter

and cruel

and hateful

i just want you to know that underneath it all im very very very very angry

lazy cuss

i dont wait anymore

ive fallen in love with myself so now you can love me. you will fall in love because you will learn the truth

i at least feel that there is some use to be found in what ive come to think of as my so called life and i owe so much more than i could ever pay for how good that’s made me feel.

picturing the hanging man as the only card in the playing deck. not being quite able to claim an identity.

i want to turn into forever i want to be inside forever doubting flesh


i saw your face

i felt your skin

beneath this place

we will appear

another day

forever now

i hold your face

come and stay

lets run away

lets leave this hell forever

deeply suspicious of anyone who’d be fool enough to get in touching distance of this poison girl i felt like such a messy, highly reactive creature that i didn’t want people to get near me.


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