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i’m not going to smoke pot anymore. i think i am going to get my eyebrow pierced even tho someone told me it’s too butch. whatever that’s me then. anti and i don’t date anymore. i dunno if anyone even knew about that shit or even cared. we are still friends. always. yesterday i had too much liquid cocaine. blek.

help raymi get a new laptop because she can’t even play her faourite yahho game and wants to kill herself. she can’t even open word documents or wordpad for f’s sake! she would upload pictures every other minute for you guys too if you helped. do it. she can’t have msn open and blogger at the same time wtf.

i finally painted my ho-nails so i don’t have junky toes anymore.

dear douglas coupland

hi i am 21 now did you remember my birthday? that’s ok if you didn’t because i don’t even know when yours is. you must be like a hundred by now. what have you been doing with your life? are you happy? why don’t you buy a dog? that would be rad.

i have to do more with my life. what should i do? i want to build stuff and be a carpenter or something. i liked putting together crap at the hardawre store when i worked there. ya.

i had a paranoid freakout today and that is why i am not going to smoke pot anymore. fuck that noise. i was walking to the cig shoppe and every car i saw or noise i heard set me off. it always happens when it rains, you know. well i’m baked right now and i am fine. just a test. one more test. tomorrow i am not going to smoke anymore. well i’ll smoke cigs but that’s it. how long do you think i will last?

what did the pirate say on his eightieth birthday? oiii’matey! (like i’m eighty. get it? do you think i’m funny? clever?)

i need to think of more funny farticles to write. got any leeds? man they got us working in shifts. i need a new book idea.

ok i have to go find a picture of you now. bye. thinking of you.

i heart you



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