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bigtanky is a rollerskating whore who is stupid hot and has long black hair and is into goth and being told she is going to be stabbed violently a lot. another bigtanky name is goth larue and um, i don’t know any other names but i think bigbonkanti does.

bigtanky is married to hewhocannotbenamed and they live merrily in a tiny little flower house in redundified beach. other hewhocannotbenamed titles: zak attack, zack morris, yo that is zak’d?

zak’d works with some flamer fag with a flamer lamer car and has like frilly flamer hair i imagine and wears scarves and is absolutely fabulous.

bigtanky and them know people who are little

they all live in with crocodile dundee.

and don’t forget whitey and the viking too.

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