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bigtanky’s ass not raymi’s ass. thanks.

why do bathroom attendants have to make you feel so damn guilty for drying yer hands with the shit papertowel they give you and then deny you using the complimentary perfumes and eating four mints just ‘cos you don’t have tip money? bitch i’ll get my own papertowel, thanks.

and what’s with chinese old lady variety store owners who forget your face everyday and ask you for id then say they don’t have yer smokes and then take the candy out of yer hand and put it back in the bin with the lid on and then you say oh do i need id for that too? and then yer dad walks in and then they are all nice all of a sudden and say how pretty you are and they also shave off their forehead eyebrows and draw them back on.

what’s up with that?

and why are girls only nice to you when you are mean to them after months of you being nice?

what what

and why do my friends never show up when they say they will? i think i’ve complained about this before. i have.

there is nothing more satisfying than jamming q-tips in yer ears. q-tips are luxury items i think, an afterthought really. not everyone has them, you know. but when you come across a box of them in yer friend’s bathroom after going weeks without q-tipping yer head off it’s like woah nelly, fun times. serious.

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