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me being a heffer. awwrite.

so me and kristi watched a whole infomercial because the tv was all the way on the other side of the room and neither of us wanted to get up and change the channel. it was for this heat wave oven thing that cooks basically everything that could be cooked in an oven. ingenious. the commentary between us went something like this:

raymi: that girl is such a whore when she eats the meat.

kristi: i know she’s all; “mmmmmmmmmmm.”

raymi: she is SO porno.

kristi: look at that. i’d eat that.

raymi: they keep playing this commercial over and over wtf!? and the payments keep changing, like before it was 5 easy payments of 33 dollars and now it’s 4?

kristi: yah i noticed that too.

raymi: good thing we didn’t call when it was 5 payments. shouldn’t it be the other way around, like, you should have called us before now it costs more suckers!

kristi: < laughter >

raymi: < laughter >

kristi: and that guy just said a word wrong.

raymi: and they need a new slogan, set it and walk away is just so gay. they’re like some cult or something, what’s with that chick saying, “i see the light.” everytime he sets the friggin’ timer? creepy.

etc etc

ok bye

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