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ok so this is a picture of my ass from a year ago. some girl lied and said it was a picture of her ass and then i went over to her house and yelled at her. i’m even wearing the same undies from the pic right now. indeed.

me being retarded click clickity click

everyone in the world has probably already seen this but i only learned about it today. someone called this guy a retarded fuckbag and said i should kill him but i won’t kuz i think he is hilarious. maddoX

later today i’m going over to RN’s house to upload retarded fotos of myself and play mario kart and talk really loud so everyone gets mad at me. i’m gunna bring my laptop to the other place i live at finally so everyone around the world can once again have daily raymi updates.

another wall from the crawford ghetto

so as you can tell, raymi is back on the sauce. and the weed. but i’m not a crazy lunatic from it anymore. tho sometimes i wake up and it seems as if i could squeeze just one more bevy out of my liver. mmm hmm.

it’s my birthday soon again. march 31. i’ll be 21. it feels like i turned 20 only last week. i dunno what i’m doing and i’m not about to go plan a big shin-dig this year only to have a nervous breakdown again and be a no-show.

i can’t wait until it is warm so i can go all around town on my stupid gay bicycle and longboard and fall asleep on park benches and put together outfits that i and only i think look good.

that is all i want to say for now.

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