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so i got my kidney thing ultrasound done today. the nurse was kind of a bitch to me, like, roll over this way, breathe in, don’t breathe, breathe now, i said don’t breathe, put your arm up..da da da…i could tell maybe that what she found wasn’t too good kuz she all of a sudden started making phoney small talk with me for no reason. i have to wait a week for the results. p’shhhh. and then i had a blood test. i’m telling the nurse i have very tiny veins and i’m very sensitive to pain and she’s feeling around my arms and shit and i’m all be careful please and then STAB STAB STAB into the vein she goes. so fucking painful. these nurses, i tell you…

oh and i sing in my dad’s beatles band now. how funny is that. and i’m taking vocal lessons too. my dad is all hyper-focused on this shit. he’s a total beatleNazi. i swear. i’ll let u know when we have a gig so u can come laugh at me.

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