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he was the only one who could decipher hidden messages on tv.

there were microphones and cameras all over the house.

the blinds must remain shut.

his medication surely was poisoned.

he could not touch water except of course for when he smoked cigarettes because liquids, he figured neutralized the carbon monoxide in his body – you never know when somebody is planning to blow you up.

he could never stand in water because he might be electrocuted or something.

the noises in the basement were from the taliban. they hid in closets all over the house, and even lived in the attic.

weapons of mass-destruction were buried in the backyard and it was never to be spoken of out loud. the government knew and soon they’d be fored to send a suicide bomber.

his achilles tendon would be cut or sliced everytime he put his feet down from bed like that little kid did to the old man in pet semetary. they didn’t want him running anywhere.

it didn’t matter anyway because there were snipers all over the place.

terrorists lived across the street.

no one could be trusted.

all the doctors were in on it.

a red car meant danger. green meant safety. orange meant caution, and yellow, a little bit safer. blue meant the police were nearby. black, the secret police. white is the color of angels and meant he was going to die. silver or gold means his thoughts are in the right place and everything is fine. these colors represent reward, whice is why he took to carrying around a tiny gold toy car.

two birds flying by meant both opposing sides are equal. he could spend all day worrying over the amount of birds in the sky.

numbers were a great problem – of people, houses, cars…

the settling of the house too, how many times the faucet drips – 1 bad, 2 good, 3 bad, 4 good…

he is me

but i am not him


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