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a dream…

i had eight golden retrievers. four of them were mini-size. it was so stressful trying to handle all of them. four went missing. i was pissed. then i ordered a mega hot tub and two hot black guys were in it jumping around. you were there. it was all rainbowy-coloured and had a built-in shower. then we got into a few car accidents. the dogs went away. i woke up and i was sweating. my dreams are stressful. then i went back to sleep and the dream continued. i was talking about the wu-tang clan with the black dudes. i said i’d name my dogs after the wu-tang clan but i couldn’t remember any of their names. the dream was more exciting than how i’m describing it here. pat from my old work was there. she was the one driving and crashing into things.

sometimes i wish for car accidents to happen to me when we’re on the road. that would be the most exciting thing, i think. and of course i’d come out completely unscathed and pretty looking.

i ate arby’s for the first time in my life today. i think it will be the last time in my life too.

email of the day:

Hun why u dot come over i love to meet u and give nice hot blowjobs u look o fucking hot.

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