your articles are very funny, like guffawing at my computer funny, i

think(whocaresright) you an exceptional writer.

yur blog is confusing, i go there for new pics of you half nekked, i

almost feel bad doing it, well comon, I would read some of it but its

like , so hard to read i dont read it, it sounds like alot of inside

jokes anyways. i do read some of it.

rantingandincoherentso hard to make out who you are

if i cant readiticant get to knowyouand why would anyone wastetime

onsomeonewhowont spend some

timepresenting his/her material. Your articles are genius, not that it

takes a genius to figure that out, I am not a genius is what i mean.

I knew this hardcore …bitch… who stabbed me in the back like fifty

times and pulled my heart out of my chest and spat on it and threw it on

the ground and tromped on it, i havent seen her in four or five years.

Its alright, i deserved it i called her out in front of EVERYONe. I

swear i went crazy for at least three and a half years, i amstill not

sure what (is) happen(ing)ed. HA ha ha. Anyways i never told noone

(even though EVERYONe knows) but you since you had the common decency to

share some of yourself to whomever is listening, maybe yuou want some

bakc, though you look like you have enough freinds.

i am not a phyco, holy crap is that the most stupidest thing you could

tell someone? Ya, sure your not.

i just wanted to let you know about your blog format.

Nice talk

Hot pic of me included.

Mike p.