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i ate a hotdog today. it had ketchup and onion on it. and then i smoked ten thousand cigarettes. and then i watched a movie. it was called die another day. it’s the james bond one. it was tacky. halle barry has big boobs, and she did this backflip and landed in the water and then got onto a boat that just happened to be there. and then other stuff happened. and then i ate some chips and onion dip, but i didn’t eat all the chips and onion dip, i also had a ginger ale.

my dad has a cat named rocky. i call the cat “meow meow”. as i refer to all inanimate objects these days. tomorrow anti goes home. i am sad about this. but i will go to california again. umm… we have to pack his truck tomorrow. i am thinking of changing my medication to zoloft instead of the modern lithium because i am unable to show emotions or feel them properly. the hot dog was actually an itallian sausage. no that’s not a cock joke or a referecnce. did you like that picture of me at the mod club with that union jack thing shirt on? i do. that’s why i am using it again. this is all i have to say for this evening. bye.

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