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im gonna sell you cats a bunch of jazz that youve probilly seen me wearin in my photos, yep.

id like to retract a few negative statements made in posts. yep. like, all of them. things said in jest sometimes can be read the wrong way, taken very literally, and that sucks. err, sucked. for me. but it’s my oversight, henceforth, i take it back.

i want you to know i’m not blogging for awhile. just because, ok. raymitheminx, the alias, is not the real me. she’s this girl-thing-person who said this, who did that, who lived for a short while and now remains a memory, all the free photos and stuff. from now on you can look forward to audblog sing a long karaoke personalised sing songs from her.

im bored these days. i take my meds. i dont drink and i dont do any drugs whatsoever and i havent for a long while. maybe thats the boredom but hey, i only want to be one ofthe kerouacs who doesnt drink and smoke emself to death by age of 47. i want to live past 20 then 21 and on and on and on.

please enjoy your summers. be happy be wise. be safe. be right. not wrong.

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