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cock’n balls

i was mentioned in yesterday’s national post. sex tv is coming to the loft next tuesday to film me being a fat beasty hag for about 3 hours. yes. my mum might even be here that day too. raaad. i noticed that ive been a bit lack-luster with writing on this thing the last week or so. i’ve been very busy. ok these are all the nice things i have done. did:

go to ikea and spend 300 dollars, laundry, 4 loads of it, get the Mac 0/s thing running and the net going on the laptop and the Dell thing and install software so i can edit my videos and pictures off the pentax camera which also was extremely expensive. yah. then i put together the ikea furniture, two wood table/chair things and i will go back this week to buy a couch. i put this self-tanning thing on my body, from the body shop. aside from the splotches caused by my own doing, the tan looks pretty damn believable. i never have to go outside, ever again.

and then i did the regular hours spent in photoshop and sending emailsssssssss and making art.

i’m going to buy a glue gun today so i can start making those cute egg bunnies i wrote about on the shitty ebay page thing.

i just taught myself how to burn a cd of pictures. yay. now i can sell burnt cd’s full of pictures. that’s cooler than emailing them separately, right? tell me if you want that instead. man. technology is so fucking cool.

even i don’t know how to read my sarcasm thse days.

i’m a mess.

please email these fake flyers i am making to everyone you know, ok?

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