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hi jeff, you are suppose to be calling me right now from your apartment thing.

in new york city.

i think i will go to new york city to hang out soon.

too bad ben is not your friend right now, that means he is not my friend right now.

because i am your friend, right. loyalty shit.

someone stole the cd of our demo, you on bass and me on the microphone in that practise space where that guy fucked prostitutes and i saw the video it was awesome. nitin’s gay stuff on your four-track. can you send me more cd’s of it and then put it on your site and ill start selling them. they’re SO HOT right now. i mean it. the bass/guitar solos work. i’m serious.

i rented a porno video on my family’s house account at the video store. i paid off some of the family fines of late rentals and video games and stuff. our house account is so fucking old man. yah. they cant dig up the year of anything we rented but like everything is all there of what we rented i believe, unless they decided to tidy up their history, which i doubt they would, but then again i could be wrong.

i think it’s a family-run thing so if any sucker tried to walk in and pose as me and be all yah im raymi or danny or biff and i want to rent ten jillion b movies, whatever, they’d kill you. moreover, that place is awesome. they let me walk in there with bikinis on and rent all this crap and bonbons and take home the crocodile dundee floatable shitbox and the chris farley cardboard stand-up with spade, and then brooke would be all yah lets go home and watch movies on your carpet floor and sarah too and then kristi the punk.

anti’s dad‘s company made the racks that the video store has. the metal ones. standard grade, probilly and white lacquer.

he saw the silver company logo and the 1 800 number and shit.

it was silver.

jeff, im baked.


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