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tim is here and we are going to go into toronto for my first time in a long time, since i got the rest of my shit from my old apartment when it all went down…

we are going to wear sars masks too!!!

tim thinks my mum hates him. probably.

this town sucks and then it is also pretty good. it’s good on monday nites when you just want to cruise thru the place on foot and have no one around in your path other than all the cops in town who are bored and out to make raymitheminx’s face explode with ‘noia over nothing.

“Colin Powell is out over there whisperin’ to the horses like in that movie that was advertised all week long, the horse whisperer.. BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAaaa them brown horses, whispering to them, and shit!” – tyranny.


ps. colorado girl stop shit-talking my friend. i heard this vapid story from all other perspectives, point being, don’t you ever ever create a whole blog to ‘dis up one guy in order to make the newer one feel better. regardless of a new guy being around, you just don’t fuck around with ghosts of your past, to be fair and nice to them and also to counter-act any potential rumors that get slung around messageboards about you. dont let negative comments follow you to your blog which YOU made in the first place to prevent US from thinking bad things about you? am i right? but when you more than welcome and invite negative comments by publishing materials such as you did/do, it gets personal, doesn’t it? this i know for fact, i have my own personal experiences and stories….

tim didnt even know about this blog you made til weeks later, henceforth, you made the first move. why, is what we’re trying to figure out. next move, is for him to counter-attack, right? pffft. the internet is a powerful tool, use it wisely. news travels faster. and eventually the world hears about it. like when monica lewinsky blabbed to that other fat chick and then we all found out about bill clinton’s blowjob. that was pretty funny, right. etc etc. colorado girl

my uncle went to colorado once.

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