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I wonder if you’ll respond

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Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:04:57 -0500


Obviously you have no clue who I am – but I am writing you to tell you some

news, whether it’s interesting or not, is up to you.

My name is Steve and I go to york university. I publish a paper here at york

univeristy; MONDO magazine. We are an alternative culture magazine. In our

January issue, which is currently at the printers, I wrote a small article

concerning your website, which i guess just concerns you.

Anyway, we are having a release party this saturday at a dirty pub, the loose

rooster, near campus. $1 beers, $2 mix drinks, and three live bands. We were

wondering if you wanted to attend, bring some friends, get drunk, whatever. If

you came – we might even be able to fit the bill for your drinks.

anyway – to get here is VERY simple. By car – simply take Eglington to the

Allen, and continue on the Allen, which turns into Duffern, untill you hit

Finch. When you hit Finch, turn left – west. continue down finch, past Keele,

untill you hit Sentinel (there is a gas station on the left), and turn right

onto Sentinel. Continue on Sentinel untill you see Four Winds Drive (I think it

is the first right. There is a plaza on the right with a small grocery store

etc.) Turn right onto the street, and then turn into the parking lot to the left

of the plaza. The loose rooster is at the far end of the plaza, furthest from

the road. The door may looked like it is closed, but i assure you it is open.

If you are taking ttc, get to downsview station. from downsview take the 106.

this bus will take you through the burbs a bit – but it will drop you off almost

at the door of the pub. Keep a look out for Sentinel and Finch (gas station on

the right) pull the bell after you go through the intersection. Ask the driver

to let you out at the stop nearest Four Winds Drive. When you get off the bus,

take a right on Four winds, and you’ll see the plaza with the grocery store.

walk down to the back, left hand side of the plaza, that is where the bar is.

again it might looked closed, but it is not.

Other than the release party, I was wondering if you would be interested in

doing a follow up interview for our february issue to expand on the short

article in this months issue.

Anyway – take it easy, and let me know what you think, about the party, the

interview – or both.

S. Cameron

MONDO magazine

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