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JG is the best NME i know right now. he lives in fucking kansas, like war town. ble ble sdhfbsdflgj!!!!!!!!!1 and he sez all that war shit before me and after me and whaetevr. hi jg

photos say a lot on saturday. especially when fags dont have adobe on their pc emachines whatever that means and so paint primitively makes my photos way cooler. thanks version 1.0 of every fucking thing.

this is my last layme day nite whatever nad its 5. perfect right on time. now it just gets colder and dark and i cant find any shoes so im going to crap in my pants and walk bare foot shit house drunk styles perhaps……to the whatever mobile and be like

anti stop following me.

i miss jamie and coolhandluke and other gay people

jamaicanneighbors.blogspot.crsegfsd yofkgsdvlcj say hi to the mad scientist. and then that guy was dressed like lego adn then that otehr guy who lives in my area code who wants me to be moer adult by more porn… this is the homo squad oh yeh julia too, that one who is from iceland or something and likes to roll around in hay fields with guys and then she is picture paranoid and i can look exactly like her elf face sometimes. antyway,. youre all jerks . shout out also to ryan h of the asshole persuasion…..howtoliveyerlifemyway.blorksput….and then that blonty guy again

hi esthero

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