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1/7/03 – 6:01:46 pm toronto time.

ok lets think of all the nice things i did today. i chipped in money for uhh, dinner and groceries and change for weed and some mushrooms and i gave a bit of my tuna sammich away and i helped push the car out of the snowbank and tried to drive it back and forth out of it too and i didn’t yell at the cat too much when it jumped onto my naked back and planted its claws into my flesh oh-help-me-lord and i only snapped at the guy at tim horton’s once when he was going to charge me 50 cents for mayo on my tuna sammich and made me feel obese. i hope ill one day stop harassing people in toronto and then maybe one day realise i wasnt ever being mean. just honest and angry and pissed off that i walked into this coolness trap and know why sucks, and why i might want to have some whatever trucker wants to be anti-vice. homo mag and never wanted the alias of raymi or the minx just some photo of me being a jerk at that art system drinknig beers go go dancing thing and then no one wanted to say hi to me whatevs. it was kinda ok kinda too neurotic but the dangerous part was the coolest , in retrospect. i guess but i never saw a copy or got that issue… etc etc

hi everyone. finklestein/stien ? i can neevr remember. spaniard. alex/sarah….chris////someone else, that ryan bigge guy, that jim munroe nme stuff from cali and why it’s scarey as shit here. um yeh. and ebm too. even the mean ones, especially the accidental mean ones and then the coolest dance contests and that guy who looks like nick who is funny and mods suck still.

hhahahha i never even owned a record. im harassing myself so no one needs to look at me or shit talk kuz u know, ill cuss you out or suck cock or just be like just stop talking about me i hate you and i know you like to gossip so yah say hi whenever and stop making me feel ashamed for feeling guilty for being cool and lame and insecure all things everyone, everyone suffers from.

…….. and go somewhere else until a fucking police arrests me……anyway, ill be back soon for more anti usa gossip foto binges. u are allowed to go tothe keg party im missing u prolly know where but mebbe not. call me or ill cal u or email. yep. i know you have fuck house net connex. i guess anna says hi from berlin or something. shes hot. no, saucy…

please all refer too with me now it just saved antis ribcage and stuff….. sorta..well i strongly disagree with their methods of ratios for canadians forced to go to 7/11 about 3a fucking m or something…….anyway, koolaid i want that blue favoured kind i almost choked and died on kuz of that saving silverman movie from two scenes of funny shit imultaneously and stuff and like yah, i want that blue whi packets of it. party packets. fuck being like britney spears and having busloads. it should be everywhere princess papers pimps and crackheads go.

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