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skinsnational anthem for i think you guys might want to look at this website today. maybe it’s an inside tip so…psss phhhshshsh heheh eheheh heh ehhehh. done.

bwaaahaa…uhhh..heh.. i keep thinking it’s like some guy pissing..

this guy needs to have more photos of some dog like whatever. or something.

yah. he’s a buddy therefore if he freely adverts in my shoutouts/HIBill!s thats cool. and then i might follow up with an insulting post and then i might link his ass again and be like, this is all for free, thanks to the internet and bloggers and ill gates! and yah every mcdonalds happy fucknig meal i ever ate…etc etc durrdurrr]…. niiiice. and then i go, ew blogs are so gay. and then im like what is so interesting about his blog other than photos of funny shit i just scroll right thru it. pretend im liek japanese and a boy and a retard and like i love seizures but i liek it digitally optimized and then i want a few fuck shti niggers thrown in and maybe some tits and etc etc etc tdcvkljsd vgkdfhgj;hdfvgjk;ldfuivgsdvui; make it cool but shitty but dont rip me off. im so bored of this 1999 stuff but i like that i see more stuff emerging all over. so yeh imthe free UN blog ambassador. thanks Mcbarky go Mcfuck yourself [ehheheh. be not insulted please] i like being hilarious because im done being bored of myself and ebing indoors. im ready to throw sand in my faggy friend’s eyes again and lioke, fuck boyfriends and literally i meant like to hell with em, i just want to be outside and bring a piece of under water spy camera / roaming wireless CIA laptops in hotel rooms etc etc etc free all over the globe….trotters…..GO LEAFS!!! and then it’s the sens, gavin files fickinnis!!!!!!!!!!

ps – fucknig was always cooler than fucking, anyways.

double puh puh ess – hanging out alone always sucks and rules cause butthead said that stuff had to suck in order for you to recognize or rather, distinguish what was cool and what sucked and the difference like you guys are all fags and i am not the fag or i am mayonaise and you’re all fucking ranch lakers west coast bling blong poor Fuuuuhhhhkiiin………

go pats.

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