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i hope i get to skateboard some more on carpet today after im thru fagboarding [longboarding…] the cool thing[s] about this zip code are as follows

1. im still 1983, march 31 therefore im a kid and fuck them i only want to wear bathrobes with bloodstains over to the variety store and then cuss out on rich spoiled piece of shit chillen and then talk to the spics who are builing like 6 homes two second from the mattress on the floor of this zip code (in a nutshell, thats why this zipcode rules.)

2. they despise me kuz im literally the foreigner who went to the crazzy house and was like fffuuuuuck YOU all along to everyone. equally.

3. when i want food, please gimme it .

4. 2 dimensional foodstuffs aka , kraft singles slices, leather gummy stuff, jerky…… are good and allthose other fad diets suck. you can shocve them under doors. and make your teeth turn into little yellow chiclets like mine and i like it when aq sharp piece of jjerky stabs somewhere on the inside of my head like in my mouth i mean, yah, that sucks.


im too skinny but i still have curves. and total black hockey hairs on my legs and caterpillars growing on my forehead, liek two of them i think wops might refer to them as eyebrows they like to shave oiff their faces and then nicely draw in new ones and then if theyre in a car and anti hits a speedbump that shit like fuck, you might stab yourself in the fucking eye or some shit.!!!!!!!1 and asfhklg asofgsdf


im that dumb ass younger sister you all had and wanted to bang or didnt have and i was liek fuck you assssholes i want to look at that playboy we found or yeh porn tell me abuot it oh thats my troll u asshole dont throw it in a tree! ok lets SMOKE cigarettes. yeh. they suck and we got busted and then everyone like was paranoid but i was all it’s cool man ill just like pretend im a young little girl and yeh i heard my older brother did it first (he’s 2 yrs older) and yeh, shifting the blame is so awesome. why? i was the youngest and only daughter and i have a bro and a dad and a mum and no one punched each other in the face ever. no one was raped. canadians dont bother with that shit when we all live in town homes in the fucking early 80’s and like, they just want their kids to hang out and then there is this one black kid named o’neil and we all liked him but his younger brother sucked cause he made me have to shove the shit out of him when he tried to bite me or drool and im like, FUCK YOU! and he’s all like 2 or 3 and im like 4 or 5? and then i rode my bike right to o’neils house once my dad took those fucking asshole training wheels off, finally! and im like, damn that ride was so boring because oneil lived maybe 5 units over? i knew immediately how to fucking ride two wheels but i got to be a lazy ass fucking princess with that gay shitty pink colors…etc etc thats why girls now, love hello kitty.

but i was too busy walking to the donut store and drinking cokes or burger kind delites…..spening like ten dollars or even 4 dollars on my best guy loser fuckhead friends…..why? kuz real life people helped me realisethat music is too melancholy

so thats when they were all like, blur SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im like fuck you white trash fags and then i


hehehhehhhh. i can beat anyone at anything, start small. lets do science first. i need to learn about john travolta’s religion and then i need to know more about guns and then ill look at some pics of annonymous people at the free image searches and be all ahahahahhaahha go hereer…dfhuklg lbv bwaahhahahahahhahaa go there…

my racing thoughted mind, well, yah, that it does.

modern lithium im too hyper for it

aka depakote or something. this is why i waited so long to balance out the gay sad and self loathing kuz eventually everyone writes and theyre all yah i like you…but…..and then yoiu are like ok fien i DO sound too self loathing and thats kuz my real life shit is too too heavy and then people assume im doing like mountains of cocaine and buffets of vaginas… really really mad at a lot of people in real life, in internet and then im mad at birds because yah they are selfish [ hehehh ]

tho i miss a lot of fsd. but you know this isnt that – i shot my fucking head off,here is a letter for courtney love to read and explain why i left my kid and her and ten jillion fat girls crying…..” type thing. you prolly know what it said.

death and losing someone, especially like that fag and then everyone is like oh duuuuuude it was the bitches fault and then etc etc

dont ever do that. EVer. that woman is the 1. equivalent to yoko fono 2. mum of frances bean cobain and 3. dont bring up shit that foo fighters and krist nova-selica are all like, fuck you nirvana fans..etc etc leave thenm alone. you wnat to know things? read the ten million pieces of past books, if youre lucky to find whats still in print available…etc etc, you accidental jackasses and yer love and worship of a few bands will fucking make you explode in the end. pretend i actually am stating like, truths here and then you can LOL later. ahahhah. hehehehhheh. whatever.

have tact. have taste. realise that the internet sucks, everything you read, from any place blog journal advertisement spam mail, it fucking sucks a lot and it makes people think they deserve to ask questions like, “tell me what was the last thing that kurt cobain said to you on the phone, kriost..?” what the fuck do you tell someone when they ask you how a song makes you feel and something internal? soemthing you dont deserve but you do. direct questions? direct ansers. like zen and tao-ism and all that te ching homo monk shit. jeet kune do too, yep yep…….

fuck off literally and then you’ll get a second chance to explain exactly why, you’re sorry for shit talking people like courtney love.

you are allowed to do it but not ever be all yah, she is like wooooooahhh drunk and has bruises…ahahha track marks, perfect…..

fuck you all. how the fuck would you be acting these days if your fucking (famous or not) /man/lover/girl/mate put a fucking shotgun to ‘er face and blew it onto the walls in your garage and you were like in paris and then the whole world is like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh and then you are so sobbing and left with a baby and dont get it yourself?

depression is the answer. it kills. sucky family syndrome. deal with it then.

let the guy burn out for his time. media and “celeb -BRIT – y – dum ” yeh it can do that to you. captain OBVIOUS!this is why everyone hates press and paparazzis and fucking yanks and wasps and french peopel and italians and spics and jews and yeh.

im that NME that you know, knows a lot and knows exactly how to share it with ya’ll via any means across nations, [ tv, radio print, type, net, stores, sejkfh sdlfdb]…….

i dont want to be neurotic anymore. im not in a hurry to write a pithy book yet. im doing short story volume things series i dunno i dont care. one at a time. yes with haikus yep with scratches yeh with a dvd to throw in there of some dv footage of me being obese and trying to break my knees and jump thru drywall and then im singing karaoke and slurring and trying to beat up some fag in a bar…dunno which one. hahaha.

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