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yes that is a big v8. today i turned twenty and i am spending it in a huge hot tub in a dive motel room and i am not answering fonecalls really or making it so my skin will come into contact with the outside world and i have not slept for a few days and i think maybe i look about 30 so yah the actual fuck off raymi birthday party is on wednesday the 2nd of april at zen lounge bla bla scroll down and read the flyer. anty will also be there. if it doesn’t suck they will let me have that back room every wednesday to do all the stupid shit dances that i do in my bedroom.


this is the first monday that i have been awake before all of you fags at your office desks

parkdalemiddleton i have a new filming project for you. please do call me using that thing that that canadian guy invented before an american twat thought of it bye.

ps, email a rough estimate of who’s coming

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