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dudes i am so horny like all the time and i masturbate all over the place. i dont know who u guys are anymore as i dont really come here unless i see hits coming from viceland. all i know is a lot of people hate me, obsess over me, love me, fucked me? im never going to be anything but a failure and ill show my pussy when im thirty and all washed-up then bea stripper. or ill marry some old rich guy and spend all his money. go out like sharon stone in casino. thats me. im realyl a sucky sensitive head. i dont set things on fire. i am not suicidal. i do not do terrible things. i watch my mouth in public. im frightened all the time. i take a lot of abuse. i am not spoiled. i live decadently. i am followed all over the web i dont know how i am not murdered or raped by now. well, its made me very agoraphobic and clingy. i am alone a lot, inside. but doing somethnig always. i tune out people who hate me, say fuck a lot about them but generally always call them and ask why they hate me? i just dont get it. i dont do bad things. im a pioneer? sexual revolutionary and im awfully irritating. i sabotaged my own career with my big fucking mouth. one girl is like why not cash in on being related to jack kerouac. i wouldnt know how to do that. i cant manipulate everyone, all of the time. i need to settle down. yep its me in the avatar. i bet this topic got a lot of hits and now theyll have it deleted kuz vice doesnt ever ever want to help promote raymitheminx. nobody takes me seriously. sdfjksdhfuiogs i dont feel humiliated. ever.

i bring vice lots of hits. dammit.

you vote and decide if raymi is an obsession/phenomenon. why not look at my hits too? try here too for all the topic views, they talk about me everywhere.

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