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i just want to be fucking naked and tanned in aqua blue waters and ten million pictures of it and not ever have to leave and smoke pipes with hugh and justin and sell my funny art (having a show in toronto soon. jamie fly here and help co-ordinate it.) building an empire. sex tv. exposure. raymi the minx baseball hats. not joking. several websites. secret parties. roller disco. hammock naked sand on my ass toes in that shit dope smokin’ ital style montego bay (mobay) jamaica boat paddling natives livin’ the poetry. livin the poetry.

Posted By: raymi 2/21/2003 8:39:55 PM

i dont want to be hacked to death by a natives banana smasher. but i like intriguing offers. you could do better.

Posted By: raymi 2/21/2003 8:14:46 PM

Round trip to Nadi from Toronto, flying coach, will probably cost you about $1400US – give or take $200 bucks. Then you’d have to get from Nadi to where I’m at, Taveuni, which you could do for roughly $250 round trip. So I’d say plan on $1700 round trip for airfare.

Not bad travel, though flying coach will cramp your legs. Thank God for frequent flyer miles. I think I’ve been piss drunk since leaving LAX. (I write with amazing alacrity when I am drunk, because I fancy myself nothing short of a master of prose and iambic pentameter).

I really don’t believe you’d come visit a stranger for that amount of money. Consider it a dare.

Volcanoes and cyclones, oh my!

Posted By: imsosuperunknown 2/20/2003 6:37:26 PM

Well, I am on Taveuni for the next few days before heading back to Veti Lavu, so who knows cuz it is a sleeping volcano I think. But most are way underwater.

I have to warn you I have a really dirty mind. Like I can take anything someone says, especially a girl, and turn it into “yep, she wants to fuck.” Even tho’ that may not be it all. In fact, most of the time it isn’t. Sometimes I’m right, though, and that makes it all worthwhile.

You wrote about a volcano erupting on your head.


I’m pretty sure you don’t need anyone’s permission for shit, but you can tell me to fuck off for that. I won’t take it personally, and its happened before plenty of times.

Gotta run now. Since you are in Canada, where it is fucking cold right now, I’m sending some warmth out there. It’s cloudy here and supposed to rain, but its still 89 degrees. I fucking love it.

Keep up the good web reads. This is a good diversion you’ve developed.

Posted By: imsosuperunknown 2/20/2003 3:36:41 PM

wont a volcano erupt on my head in fiji?

Posted By: raymi 2/20/2003 1:04:55 PM

how much will it cost to fly to fiji from toronto

Posted By: raymi 2/20/2003 1:04:42 PM

Shit, muthafucka.

Since I last wrote, I’ve made it from HelLA to Fiji. Feeling adventurous? Fly to Fiji and chill on the beach with me, even though you don’t know me.

How is THAT for adventure?

One of these days I should tell you why I’m out here, but that can wait. I’m not going anywhere right now.

BTW, whoever said bacon was good, I agree. Good shit right there. But bacon is still better with some redbull.

Posted By: imsosuperunknown 2/20/2003 11:54:57 AM

you can hang out in my crotch……

was that outloud?

This skinney bootcamp is making me mental… The side effects of being beautiful!

Posted By: girlfriend 2/20/2003 7:36:23 AM

yep its really him. he is my very bestest friend.

Posted By: raymi 2/20/2003 12:41:16 AM

hi raymi,

america awaits!

Posted By: tony 2/19/2003 9:39:30 PM

loved the xtreme guide i can’t stop looking at that dude with the beer–the drunk mole guy just below. is that really parkdalemiddleton, the guy you were talking to that time? here on the blog?

Posted By: TRUE 2/19/2003 9:00:13 PM

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