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this is my favorite picture at the moment so i am using it again! i think i look like the most beautiful person in the world. it’s that special time of month, you know? we get an 8ball and fly out the windows and take off our clothes and touch each other real good. nothing else gets done until that fucking thing is finished. we decided we are going to eat chinese food for fuck sakes. can you mix coke with chinese food? i hope so because i haven’t eaten in a long time. the el mo was hard last nite, we showed up late, missed the act we were suppose to dance with, extremely sketched-out and frightened of every loud noise, left to go to 56 k – i stuck my head in the door and then i ran up the stairs and down the street. everything is hard, very hard.

we are going to blow up, tonite. that is all. oh and it’s my first time so something bad will probably happen.

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