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101 Things about me

1. Both my navel and tongue are pierced. You decide if that�s tacky.

2. I don�t have my driver�s license but I can drive standard just perfectly.

3. I once performed the heimlech maneuver on this fat epileptic dude who was choking on a hamburger and I also scooped barf out of his mouth so he wouldn�t choke on that too.

4. I don�t own any records.

5. I was not at all phased to learn Paul Reubens likes little boys.

6. I have never tried heroin or acid.

7. I have a zit-popping fetish.

8. The smell of uncircumcised dicks is growing on me.

9. I ate Lemon Meringue pie for dessert during a flight to Florida when I was three years old.

10. I am convinced lesbians hate me.

11. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth.

12. I have eaten a whole bag of chips and a whole tub of onion dip to myself on many occasions.

13. I�m a fag for romance.

14. I�m affectionate and I can be needy.

15. Sometimes I cut my own bangs and they never turn out the way I want them to.

I will continue this later

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