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Dear Douglas Coupland

hi. hello. i have started writing this letter to you, in my head, over and over. and then i have stopped because i don’t know what i want to tell you. i feel i have to be as concise as insanely possible. i wanted to tell you what you mean to me. i wanted to tell you that i have read microserfs almost 12 times. do you ever reread books? i do. but only the ones i really liked because they speak to me. i write down passages in my journals, i write them on bathroom stalls and i repeat them in my head over and over until the words become my words, something i’ve said.

see, i can’t even finish this letter to you. i’ve been smoking weed all day, pretty much. i bought a mirror and a pair of shoes and i went splitz on the bill for breakfast. a late one. at 4pm.

i have to go now.


i want you to know that i love you, though.

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