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i have been very very ill. like, not being able to walk or move or be awake and not vomit every other second, ill. it really sucks. that and the fact i went to the lamest party after the supreme court of canada thing and had a truly miserable time. it felt like i was on crack. i shoulda stayed the fuck home. i have eaten all the popsicles in the world and a jillion saltines and i still feel like butt. i have to make my dad a bday card, too. i don’t have any fancy paper. ahh i’ll just do it tomorrow.


i feel ten times better. though, my insides feel all dried-out and empty and gurgly. i have to take a train ride to the ‘burbs to see the folks and have them all avoid touching or standing within 2 feet of me. yay.

if i have to write one more cheque, my eyes will shoot out muriatic acid!

Sunday, February 5, 1995.

I dumped Casey a long, long, long time ago! He’s such a moron, a geek, a loser, a nerd all in one. I only talked to him a couple times on the phone. I hardly knew him! But once i got to know him, I was disgusted.

Anyways: On Friday Alex’s mom picked me up, and drove me to their house. At 7:30pm we all left the house to go to Laser Quest. There was this one babe there, he was about 16 or 17. We were always shooting each other. He even called ME a CHICK! I sound sooo much like a geek! After that we went back to the house and I slept over. In the morning I went to Alex’s drama class. They’re putting on The Wizard of Oz of the 90’s. Alex is Dorothy. Oh right, my name for Laser Tag was Kurt. NIRVANA RULES!! RAP SUCKS!!!!

ps. I kinda like this guy in french immersion. Guess who.

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