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wednesday was a total write off. so out of commission. i couldn’t say anything to anyone. stayed up all nite long pacing and lying down and pacing then finally decided i needed to get fucked up and so i did and then stayed up all nite long and then my roommate girl was in pain pain pain so we rode an ambulance to the hospital in where i sat in almost every chair and position to try and stop my head from feeling stabbing pains and girl was on a gurney bed – turns out it is gastrointestinal virus and i will probably get it because i have dumb luck and then i went home to eat chinese food and watch the cat tear the shit out of my chair and my 200 dollar jacket arrived in the mail finally. i haven’t even brushed my teeth or had a bath and i made some plans with people but i keep falling asleep and not taking a bath and now it is 1:36am and no one is around to talk to me so you can all go blow. go blow.

i saw jackass for the second time the day before yesterday. tuesday. it is still funny.


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