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so i wanted to get myself a job last nite but i went about it in all the wrong ways. i sat at the bar and i chainsmoked and i drank double gin&tonics by myself and i scribbled in my journal and i wouldn’t tell the barpeople what about and i was neurotic and nervous and scared and i dunno if they were all fags so my sexy charms would be of no use and finally i ask is the manager in, i was drunk, surly, he said no i said, gimme my bill….then went to the pizza place late late and really wanted to steal their artwork but was talked out of it. i was. now it is not yet noon, i was up ’til 6am watching downloaded simpsons episodes and reading the kurt cobain book and i finally got a call back from the crazy people but i didn’t pick it up in time so alas, i must wait ’til 4 o’clock to say, yes yes, no no, yes, no, yes and finally get a new appointment after what’s been the longest, shittiest wait.

lookit theeeeeeeseeeee and this louisville dude will learn you all about, Louisville. go figure. and so i was thinking got mysterious stuff in his laundry. aaaand…sumo-pop just doesn’t have very many friends…

that is all

for now.

have a nice day.

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