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i am really glad i didn’t do any drugs last nite. it was real close. but i didn’t give in. probably because the dude didn’t ever show up and i was loaded and playing that megatouch bar game that takes all my money. my friend mel, threw a vegetarian american thanksgiving and i drank all the wine and was probably the most obnoxious person at the dinner party. everyone was so proper in their sweaters and wool socks. buhh. i brought my drunk roommate and her girlyfriend and we sat on the couch being asstards and i said, “this is SO grade 8 schoolbus ride” and everyone laughed more and i almost choked to death on my stuffing. i swiped this clear display case thing from the streets and brought it over. it is still on mel’s front porch. sorry mel. then we went to the bistro and drank more and i learned that this guy brought home a pre-op transexual the same nite i did but he was more fucked up from it than i was. well he didn’t really go home with the person, moreso, made out with ‘em and ended up in mississauga. i said, if i ever do coke again, just punch me in the eyes. maybe that is why he never came back. Tyranny came over the other nite too and we shared oxys and it was great. went to shag magazine’s launch party and no one checked me out. i thought, hmm, i will have sex with anyone who talks to me. no one did. ‘cept for gay joel who really isn’t gay but has a girlfriend. i was so sore from disco dancing. raymi is in love with the spy.

my mum really really really hates these pictures. she thinks i don’t have respect for myself. and other things.

i love my body and i shouldn’t be made to feel shamed for being all naked. jesus.

november 16 2002 12:05pm

i’ve been up 25 hours and counting, as you might imagine i’m a bit edgy or jumpy rather – dxm never again coke e and all that other shit has gotta go too. my eyelids weigh 3 thousand pounds. trying not to vomit watching simpsons sorta. definitely an experience. fuck i’m losing my shit. i can’t sleep. i need to sleep. i am tired of this fuckin’ trip TIREDTIREDTIRED! TIRED!

Tony Baloney has something to tell you and i love this Bitter dude

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