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hokey sales pitch-thing. i have about 40 hot hot hot black ‘n whites for sale. nude-o-rama. blown up to whatever size you want, framed or not. signed, surely. whatever. lemme know if you wanna see more. serious mo’fo’s only.

i will pay someone four dollars if they come over and clean up my room, do my laundry, do my hair, tell me i’m pretty and then get me some soda.

i have these Ferrous Gluconate iron pills but i haven’t been taking them consistently enough so on the days i remember i take a handful and then everything gets all weird.

i wore a t-shirt dress yesterday. this bigass white thing i got from art system and i wore long johns and my barbarella boots and i walked in slow motion through the snow all the way to the supermarket whereupon i bought blackberries and hair-dye and greek salad.

i put lipstick all over my body at my friend’s place of employment last nite after a few beers and i got it all over the place and i tried to wipe it off but it still says cocktease and cunt and bitch on my arms and legs. i am deliberating whether or not i should post the pictures.

maybe i will.

i told my roommates to drink all the milk while i was away and they didn’t so we have two rancid bags of 2 per cent just sitting there. i think i might throw one over the backyard fence into the alley.

Let’s play strip poker and both lose!

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