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go to Art System tonite. i’m go go dancing with coolhandluke. people will be smashing up crappy art and drinking beers and there’s a party room. fritz the cat is playing dj or something. i got all these press releases but they were too confusing to read. just go.

today it was all about fat and disgusting food booze and then a strip club tour ouf the city all before 5pm. wheee! i’ve seen enough cottage cheese thighs to last me a lifetime. yes. i. have.


Dear Raymi,

Do you have something against girls, especially me. I think you are

insulting all those female to get them upset.

I think you are a drunk, fucking Asshole, and I’ve read your story,

How to be a Drunk Asshole. At least that story didn’t insult anyone.



Um what exactly have i said to insult women?

and yes, i make it my personal goal, each and everyday to

talk shit about my own gender. in fact, i have so much feminine guilt i think i want to get a penis.

dont be stupid please.


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