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When people are desperate for my attention…

raymi: aim is for homosexual americans. i use msn. all or nothing. u nigger.

nigger: i wasn’t asking for your opinion, i’ll give it to you… nigger forgives you for being female out loud

raymi: you are only speaking to me becuz u want me to link you and get you a million hits

nigger: cunt, the only thing linking u to me is your penchant for flapping your fucking gingivitis gums in my email.. count to 8..when u get to ****nigger, shut your fucking silly hole.

raymi: you are hostile. i don’t even know why you are emailing me.

nigger: 1. i am ****nigger 2. you are a dumb bitch 3. you don’t know a lot of things 4. these facts will most likely never change

raymi: your audacity is just too much

nigger: if it was just enough, i would be prettygoodnigger

raymi: what a joke

nigger: if you were a joke, you’d at least have a punchline.. don’t give yourself that much credit..

raymi: im better than you

nigger: you sure u wanna make that public?

raymi: i think they already know

nigger: cunt.. didn’t i just say that

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