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This cute boy who is neurotic and has a sexy arm tattoo made a nice list today. i make lists. well i try to and then once i get to number seven i am like, Gahhh, bugger this! And so the rest of the list is 8. fuck off 9. ahhhh! 10. i hate myself…

And then…AND THEN! There is eeLnahs who has a saucy pink background color (so saucy in fact, i stole it!) and says she got herpes from her mother giving her bedtime kisses as a child. herheheh. go see for yourself. (i’m kidding).

I don’t know how i feel about this picture. i wish i didn’t have disgusting dark circles under my eyes. hmm. photoshop here i come.

i think i’m having a manic episode. i can’t sleep. i am driving myself crazy with boredom and not-sleeping-ness and compulsively spending all my money. still. i need a new hobby.

Perhaps i’ll write poetry like Paul. Ewww.

I have decided I am going to NYC next week.


oh yes, leave a “shout out”

And one more thing…why the hell didn’t anyone tell me i spelt The Done Right Inn incorrectly?

You are such big asstards.

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